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#FULLYFORWARDFUTURE is the core goal setting exercise at the heart of the #TRIPLETHIS Business Growth Platform. This is the first step in helping your create more revenue, more profit & more happy. This, ideally, is a guided exercise where you create buckets in your life – business goals, personal financial goals, relationship goals, health goals, etc., and then create measurable goals in each one. This is where most people stop in their goal setting. An objective goal is laudable, but without any context, that goal is pretty arbitrary. But in the #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE, we take the goal – the WHAT you are going to do – and tie it to something meaningful. The #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE forces you to articulate the WHY of the goal. Understanding the WHY of a measurable goal makes it personally meaningful. That alignment between objective goal and personal importance creates a meaningful, measurable goal.

The WHY plus WHAT means that you and your company have true, important reasons for conquering this goal. It is beyond arbitrary, it is beyond simple achievement – it is a personal mission. And that makes all the difference between success and failure.


Tim has been growing startups and creating new opportunities for the last two decades. #TRIPLETHIS is the exact tactics that he has used as a C-Level executive to explode revenue, profits & happiness in marketing agencies, retailers & startups. Learn more about Tim...

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Hey gang, it’s Tim. I want to talk to you today about #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE. This is sort of the core principle of the #TRIPLETHIS Philosophy. #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE really is an imagination exercise. The way that we work through this, and this is usually a guided thing, and something we go through together, but we break down your world into a bunch of chunks. There will be personal financial goals. There will be company goals. There will be health goals, relationship goals, all that sort of stuff.

So we break this down into these individual blocks, and then you put yourself into an imaginative state where you imagine what you have accomplished. So let’s say, you know, you think out three years in your #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE, and you think I want my business to be $6,000,000 in revenue, or I want my personal income to be $373,815, whatever those sort of milestones are.

But, what we go through really is as you come up with those particular milestones, those goals, those measurable goals that you want to hit. The most important part of the #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE is tying those goals to a salient, relevant meaningful thing, so why do you want your personal income to be 373,000 dollars? Why do you want your company to be at 6 million dollars? Why do you want to spend more time with your wife? So we really come down to not the what you’re doings, but the why you’re doing it.

Because as I pointed out in my post about How to Set New Year’s Resolutions for People with ADHD, it really talks about how you focus on the why, the emotionally meaningful things, because that helps you keep up your discipline, your willpower. It helps keep you focused on the goal, because trudging towards sort of arbitrary milestones of size or scale or opportunity, that becomes very difficult. It’s really hard to keep up that motivation.

But when you put your measurable milestone into the context of something that really means a lot to you, then it becomes easier, and frankly it becomes more part of you. It’s no longer arbitrary. 373,000 dollars is not arbitrary, because you want to make 373,000 dollars so you can pay off your mortgage, so that you and your family are safe. You want to make 373,000 dollars because you want to be able to travel and show your children everything in the world. You want to make 373,000 dollars so that you can donate to charities that mean something to you.

Do these measurable milestones, this goal setting, frankly, this #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE goal setting isn’t really about the goals you set. The powerful part of this is why you set them, and that’s why I don’t actually offer the #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE part of this as a course. It’s not an online thing because this is a discussion. Because you will come up with these fantastic goals. I want to be 100 million dollar company. Well, if that’s the goal, there’s going to be a reason why you want to get there, and that’s why you do it. You don’t do it to hit the goal, you do it for the reason you’ve picked the goal.

And doing this by yourself in the abstract is actually sort of less effective, because you get tired. You don’t go through the exercise of someone saying why did you pick 100 million dollars? What does that mean to you? What can you do with that? How is that important to you? Because really for most people, and most people who start businesses or own businesses, or are seen as leaders in their business, they are very goal driven. But those goals are less meaningful if they don’t know why they are driven. Being the best isn’t reason enough. You have to be the best for a reason. And that’s what the #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE helps you figure out.

#FULLYFORWARDFUTURE helps you create meaningful, measurable goals that are part of you, not the something that you’re chasing. And this is really crucially important, and that’s what makes #TRIPLETHIS different. #TRIPLETHIS is a growth platform that’s built around things that mean something to you. And that’s really why the #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE part of this is so crucially important, because I can work with you and help you figure out processes and sales strategies, and all that sort of stuff, and that’s all functional. None of the functional stuff matters if you don’t have a meaningful goal, and the meaningful goal as we just talked about can’t be arbitrary. It’s got to be personal.

And #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE is such a crucial part of #TRIPLETHIS, because in order for you, your team, and everybody in your business to be hitting those goals that you agree upon as a community, they have to mean something to everybody. And they’re going to matter differently to different people, so we need to be able to contextualize them for each person, and that’s magical work. But when you are able to create meaningful, measurable goals that are part of you, that are not arbitrary, then it becomes a team effort to move faster, and that’s what’s really magical about this.

Thanks for listening. This is Tim, #TRIPLETHIS. Thanks for learning about the #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE.