Can I tell you a quick story?

This one unfolds over a long period of time…but it goes to show you the power of cold e-mail to create amazing relationships.

In 2013, I started my 3rd agency.

I know who we were going to serve & I had a good idea of how we were going to bring value to the clients.

After I registered the domain, spruced up my LinkedIn profile, and put on a clean shirt, I decided to go get clients. So, I started where I always start – who needs my help the most?

Because I am old, I have a pretty good LinkedIn network…so I started there. I saw an old colleague got a new job. She and I had not worked at the same company for 5 years and she was someone whom I did not know well enough to do more than say hello to if we passed in the hall.

I checked out her new company, saw that there were ways that we could add a ton of value. So I zipped off a pretty cold e-mail to her. It hit the mark and after a few calls and a visit, her company became our 1st customer (I have a picture of that $6500 check somewhere).

We worked together for about 2 years. And during that time, I worked with the CMO, and glancingly with the CEO. I had 1 or 2 meetings with the CEO…nothing huge…but I focused on being as honest, insightful and as helpful as I could be.

Flash forward to last week – I got an e-mail from the CEO, asking if I had time for a chat. During the call, he invited me to join their board of directors – a huge honor.

I don’t mean this to brag – but I want to show you the power of a connection that started with a cold e-mail. Obviously, the 2013 cold e-mail had no impact on last week’s call, but it was the cold e-mail that lead to our 1st client (we hadn’t even incorporated yet!), that lead to a good engagement that lead, years later to a board seat.

Not so bad, eh?

If you’ve read this far, you probably should be rewarded for it…so, I’ve share with you everything I now about writing cold e-mails:

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