On the heels of my recent health event that reminded me firmly that there is an end to this life, I want to touch on a cause that is really important to me. There are thousands and thousand of organizations that are focused on research and finding cures for cancer, and that is what we all want, of course. But a really amazing family  has pointed their charitable efforts on something a little nearer term – helping provide comfort for those folks that are undergoing cancer treatment today.

My friend, Wendy Clayton, was an amazing person. She was energetic and delightful, smart and curious. And her smile was just stunning. With a grin that was effervescent and dimples that were just bound to spread joy, Wendy kept her smile throughout her nearly decade-long battle with cancer. Wendy lost her battle just over 11 months ago. But her family, Aaron, her husband, and her two incredible daughters, Ellie and Michal, have used their grief to create a charity, Comforters for Cancer. As Wendy waged her battle against the disease that would ultimately take her life, she endured grueling treatments, including many rounds of chemotherapy. During these treatments, she would get cold, as many patients do. And in her final days, bringing a comforter from home to use in the hospital made her feel more connected, more comfortable, more human.

The Clayton family has set up a charity to provide blankets for cancer patients at Dana Farber. These are beautiful blankets subsidized by Garnet Hill. These blankets do something wonderful – they create a homey environment for those that are in a struggle for their lives. They provide comfort in an institutional setting, they provide a touch of personal dignity in a medical environment that can be demoralizing. They provide comfort to those that need it most.

I am involved with Comforters for Cancer, and its mission is near and dear to me, but the charity is 100% volunteer-driven and donations are the only way to help the Clayton family do the work that they set out to do. Please take just a moment and donate now. Any amount helps.