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Agency Growth Coaching Is A Bit Of A Mystery...

There are a lot of agency coaching programs in the world. There are ones that promise you a “system” that makes growing your agency effortless. There are those that promise you a never-ending stream of “high-ticket” leads all day and all night. I grabbed a couple of ads that, in some way, show the enormous amount of junk that is being thrown at agency owners who are just trying to grow.

This is total BS
you can't automate everything...it still takes work...more BS

There are all sorts of promises around “scale” and “on-demand” and “automated” and “freedom”. Basically, these kinds of programs appeal to greed (or desperation). Most agency coaching programs only focus on the revenue generation side of your agency. But as any agency owner can tell you, growth isn’t just about leads. Growth involves staff improvement, client management, results, team-building, management structures and more. So, why the obsession with revenue & leads?

Revenue Is Sexy & Growing a Business Takes Hard Work

Everyone talks about revenue because it is easy to measure. It’s obvious. But revenue isn’t growth. Revenue is transient. If you aren’t investing in agency growth and are only focusing on revenue, you’ll find that while you may be able to grow your top line, you probably aren’t growing your bottom line. You probably aren’t growing your client and staff retention. You probably aren’t growing the results that you get for your clients.

So, revenue growth isn’t agency growth.

Real growth takes real leadership.

In All of Our Agency Coaching Programs, We Help You Grow So That Your Agency Can Truly Grow.

We tell all of our agency clients that their job as an agency leader ISN’T to create happy clients. Their real job is to create teams & systems that create happy clients.

Yeah, this is a mind shift for sure. So many marketing agencies are built around a particular strength of the founder (search, or FB ads, or design or whatever). It’s not unusual that in the early stages the agency founder is the best marketer in the agency.

But if your are the CEO, or president, or managing director, your job isn’t to do the marketing…your job is to run the agency. That means the skills that got your agency to where it is today aren’t the skills you need to develop to drive agency growth

You Need To Change From A Great Marketer to the Leader of Great Marketers

Your real job is to lead an organization so that it it delivers on the promises it has made to you, your team and your clients. Take a few minutes to watch the video below. It encapsulates what we think about every day.

Can we help you grow from a great marketer into a great leader of marketing?

Table of Contents

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