Upsells Are Valuable

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Upsells are valuable because they’re like a tighter hug for your client. You and your client are already connected through whatever service you’re engaged in. 

A validation of trust occurs when you’re able to upsell someone (add more services, or a different service, or increase the scope of what you’re doing). The relationship that you have with your client and the impact that you’re creating is affirmed because they now believe that you can do what you say. 

The more services or the higher scale of services that you provide for your client, the less likely they are to leave. Over time you create a shared workflow, and leaving that shared workflow is disruptive for the client. People don’t like change or disruption. They like continuity. 

You knit stronger relationships as you increase the level of service with your clients. You bring clients closer to you and vice versa. 

As you create a shared sense of mission, your relationship becomes more secure. It’s really hard to kick people off your team if they share your values and your mission.

Table of Contents

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