The One Problem Agencies Must Solve To Scale

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One of the biggest filters in terms of agency growth is the fact that there’s gravity on the founder. As the founder, you were the rocket ship that launched the agency.  Ever since then you’ve been pulling down customers, clients, and staff, and they can’t escape the gravity to achieve velocity. The agencies that scale solve this problem, and the agencies that don’t, don’t. It’s that simple. 

How do you get your team to do things the way you think you would do them if you were in their position? You empower them. You institutionalize your thinking. You paint a picture of done. You give them a destination and permission. Your job, as an agency leader, is not to make happy clients. Your job is to make systems and processes, so your team can make happy clients. If you find yourself stuck in client management or doing the work, you have not stepped into your spot as leader.

Table of Contents

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