Reduce The Risk For Your Prospects To Work With You

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If you want to reduce the risks for your prospects, you can do an upfront offer, which means you give some small taste of your service. This can be an audit, a research project, a mapping of a customer journey, or a smaller project where they get to work with you, and they get the benefit of your insight. It doesn’t require them to make a big financial or time commitment.

Show the value of working with you in a lower commitment way. If you can get someone to buy something from you, the second sale is easier. If you can say, “Hey, listen, our services are $3,000 a month, or $3,500 a month for SEO, but here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do a content audit for you, and we’re going to show you the content that your competition is doing better than you are, and we’ll give you a roadmap to get there. Instead of that being $3,500, we’re going to do that for $1,500, so you’re going to get this opportunity to work with us.” You can work together. You can date before you get married, and then at the end of it, they can decide whether or not they want to move into the $3,500 a month opportunity. If they do that, you can credit the $1,500. 

Get a separate payment for part of your process. That content audit is probably something you’re going to do anyway because it’s part of your process, but you’ve gotten a payment and reduced the risk for your client. Once you’re in there, they get to see your value. They get to experience working with you, so they’re suddenly going to think, “Wow, this is awesome”, and they’re going to say “yes” to the larger piece.

Table of Contents

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