3 Lies In The Agency Coaching World

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There are three big lies in the agency coaching world. You must pick one niche. Agency coaching is easy with the right system. Something can be fully automated and passive and still generate income for you. None of these things are true. 

You must pick one niche. Picking a niche is a really good strategy, but it’s not a must. Everyone tells you that you need to pick a niche, so you can become the go to authority in that niche. That’s just wrong. Who is the go to authority in your industry? There isn’t one. The world is so fractured. The reason why you pick a niche is not so you can become the go-to authority. You pick a niche to take tasks off your plate, reduce the number of variables that you have to think about, and  make your world smaller and more simple. You pick a niche because you can learn fewer things faster than you can if you’re trying to learn everything. 

There is a secret system that is going to magically change your world. That’s just a lie. There’s no system that works all the time, every day, in every industry, for every company. The reason why agency coaches tell you, “Oh, you’ve got to work in our system,” is because that’s what they know. They teach you what they know, and if it doesn’t work for you, they say that it’s on you. Your mindset is bad, or you didn’t follow the process. Are you the same as they are? Is your agency the same as they are? Are your clients the same as theirs? The system that’s perfect for you is not the same as anyone else’s. It doesn’t matter how turnkey and how many templates they give you in the process. If it’s not yours, it’s not going to work. 

Automation is the thing that drives me most crazy. There’s no such thing as a fully automated agency. There’s no such thing as a passive agency. There’s no such thing as an agency that runs itself. There’s no secret automation or secret outsource. It’s all hard work. There are systems that can make things easier, but none of them are magic.

Table of Contents

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