Hey – my name is Tim.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I am an entrepreneur, a digital marketer with 20 years (OMG) of experience, a blogger (duh – you are on my blog), a speaker on marketing, growth and entrepreneurship, and, in my free time, an investor at GreyLady Capital.

I’ve been working in the digital space since “buying a keyword” on AOL was an awesome strategy.  I live near Boston with my 5 children (yeah, that isn’t a typo), my lovely wife, Julia (check out her entrepreneurial activities at Julia Cooks – and seriously, she makes the best Apple Pie).

I have started a couple of companies (SpinShark – now part of PMX) and AdChemix – Predictive Analytics for Retailers and the aforementioned GreyLady Capital. Today, my job (and my passion) is to help your ideas grow – in whatever way I can. On this blog, I write about entrepreneurshipstartups, marketing, e-commerce, retail and most personally and passionately, my life and experiences with ADHD.

I have a bunch of things that I play around with:

Selling To The C – Marketing & Sales Tips

Get Your Hustle On Podcast – Interviews With Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs & More

The Arlington T-Shirt Company – T-Shirts That Make Me Smile


You can find me on Medium/@timkilroy, on Twitter @timkilroy, Quora , LinkedIn. There are more, but you are probably bored by now. However, if you are sufficiently thrilled and you want to chat – book some time on my calendar – I promise it will be at least a little enjoyable.

When I am not working away, I love my kids, pay way too much attention to the Red Sox, and think I am 27.6% funnier than I really am.

Note: All opinions, data, thoughts and whatnot are mine alone. They do not reflect the opinions or thoughts of anyone else but me.

Have a great day.

I write:

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